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About Us Vision, Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to safely produce quality, renewable energy while returning the greatest value to stakeholders.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading supplier of biomass products to the global renewable energy market.

Our Values

Seeded Through Innovation

  • Resourcefulness | Ignite creativity and challenge the status quo
  • Stewardship | Challenge carbon every day
  • Excitement | Embrace change and celebrate success

Energized By People

  • Commitment | Deliver on time, as promised, every time
  • Team | Build partnerships, relationships and take the long view
  • Honour | Listen, speak the truth and follow through

Sustained Through Passionate Integrity

  • Safety | Own it - at home, at work and everywhere
  • Empathy | Care for each other, our customers and our planet
  • Excellence | Reach for best in class

Latest News

Production Facilities, Shipping Terminals & Offices

Each of our production facilities is located in close proximity to key fibre suppliers throughout B.C. and they are all located on major rail lines, ensuring efficient bulk transport of our wood pellets to one of two shipping terminals.

Production Facilities
Shipping Terminals
Plants Under Development