Setting a Benchmark in Wood Pellet Production and Supply

Made from Either a Blend of Spruce, Pine and Fir

or premium-grade Douglas Fir known for its higher heat value & lower ash content.

Pinnacle's Bagged Pellets

At Pinnacle we are proud to share our carbon-neutral product with residential customers who have chosen to heat their homes with wood-pellet stoves and furnaces. We offer two packaged products for home use: standard clean burning SPF pellets made from a blend of spruce, pine and fir, or premium-grade Douglas fir — specially made for its higher heat value and lower ash content. Residential fuel pellets are available in 40-pound (18.15-kg) bags on pallets of 2,000, 2,200 or 2,400 pounds, for optimum shipping.

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Natural Sorbent

Pinnacle Natural Sorbent is used for chemical and liquid spill control or liquid retention and is available in 40-pound bags for most applications. Simply cover the spill with a thin layer of Pinnacle Natural Sorbent, let the material get to work, then sweep it up and dispose of as required in the spilled liquid’s Material Safety Data Sheet. If the spilled chemical must be burned, Pinnacle Natural Sorbent is a carbon-neutral absorbent carrier. It is also totally biodegradable.

Heating Your Home with Pinnacle Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are usually available in 40-pound bags and cost a lot less than you think. Commercial quantities are available by tanker truck or one-tonne super bags.

Animal Bedding Pellets: Pet Comfort

Pinnacle’s pet comfort is well known for its moisture absorbency and odour control. The product is suitable for large or small animals. Pet comfort is ideal for horse bedding, as a 40lb bag will absorb 160 pounds of moisture — four times its weight. Four bags are equivalent to a pick-up truck load of shavings. The relatively low absorbency of shavings and straw allows wetness to spread throughout the stall, which means more cleaning more often and over a bigger area.

Pinnacle's Pet Comfort keeps the clean up limited to a small spot, so that only the soiled or wet area is affected and removed. Along with its superior moisture and odour absorbing qualities, Pet Comfort lasts longer than conventional animal bedding products, which cuts costs. Stall and trailer cleaning time is reduced because Pet Comfort is so easy to transport, handle and dispose of.

Pet Comfort is an ideal bedding product for your smaller pet too. The pine pellets give off a fresh pine scent while Pinnacle's Pet Comfort makes a safe and clean environment for your pet. Pet Comfort also doubles as cat litter. Follow the instructions to see how Pet Comfort can be used for up to a month before the box needs changing.

Advantages of Using Pet Comfort

Labour savings: Less time cleaning stalls. Maintenance is reduced to daily picking and occasional removal of wet spots. Complete stripping of the stall is not required for months.

Space savings: The amount of pellets needed to bed a stall is significantly less than that for shavings. One bag per week (or less) is all that is needed to maintain a stall.

Minimal dust: Our pellets are made up of dense pine flakes. These flakes do not kick up when a horse moves about or when a breeze runs through the stall.

Eliminate odour: Our pellets can absorb four times their weight in liquid. Pinnacle pellets soak up and eliminate urine wetness and ammonia immediately.

Reduce waste: Because Pinnacle Pet Comfort lasts longer than traditional bedding, less volume ends up in your waste pile. Most pine bedding remains in the stall when manure is picked out, which significantly cuts down on waste.

Entirely biodegradable: Unlike large shavings which can take up to a year or more to break down for safe for disposal, Pinnacle Pet Comfort Bedding crumbles into small flakes that can to go straight from the stall to agricultural fields.

Pet Comfort vs. Other Options

Straw: Has limited absorption, minimal impact on odor, creates waste disposal problems and because it is so light often ends up along the edges of the stall with the center of the stall exposed. Straw must be constantly changed, resulting in unnecessary labor and waste.

Shavings: Shavings take up a large amount of storage both at the stable and when traveling with a trailer. Shavings are ineffective in absorbing urine allowing it to spread over a large area of the stall resulting in unnecessary mess. Shavings' inability to absorb wetness results in lingering odor. With shavings, manure tends to get lost in the bedding increasing the amount of time spent cleaning. Also, much of the bedding is removed from the stall when cleaning.

Sawdust: Sawdust supplies are often limited and inconsistent. Its cleanliness and purity is in question and has a limited absorption capacity. The length of time it is effective is short, resulting in unnecessary cleaning and waste.

Hardwood Pellets: Less absorption (and slower) than pine. Do not hold up as long and must be replaced sooner. These pellets are dark making it very difficult to identify which areas require cleaning. The dark bedding gives an unclean appearance to the stall.

Softwood / White Wood 'blends': An all-pine pellet is the most effective type for bedding. Mixing wood types diminishes the effectiveness of the pine. Blends are produced in areas that do not have a large supply of pine, the best wood type for bedding.

Wood Chips: Simply less effective. Cleanliness, comfort, and supply are in question.

Pet Comfort Instructions

HOW TO USE AS STALL BEDDING: Clean out the stall down to the floor (dirt, wood, concrete, rubber mats). Place the contents of three to five bags of Pinnacle Pet Comfort (40-pounds each) in the center two-thirds of the stall, and spread the pellets out to an even depth of roughly 2 inches.

Alternatively, you may also locate the bedded area where the horse prefers to “go”. The number of bags used will depend on the size of the stall, climate, horses’ habits, and personal experience from working with the bedding.

Next, lightly moisten the pellets with 2 to 3 gallons of water to initiate their opening to a “fluffy” consistency. (I think this is the secret to success with wood pellet bedding.) The water serves to break down the resin sheen on the sides of the pellet. The amount of water used will depend on the humidity of your area and may vary at different times of the year.

For deeper bedding, you may choose to add one or two more bags on top and again moisten with 1 to 2 gallons of water. Deeper bedding is not always advantageous, and therefore some experimentation is appropriate to optimize product use. Because they are highly absorbent, it’s OK to be stingy with wood pellets.